Getting Started with Web Application Frameworks

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With new programming languages and web frameworks popping up on a nearly daily basis, how can a developer stay up to date and know which to use for a project? If someone were to learn one web framework or one programming language to build a web application with, which one would be the best?

First, we will go over what a web framework is and why it is useful when building a web application. Then we will go over what the leading web frameworks used by companies today are, such as Ruby on Rails, Django, Express.js, and Spring MVC and what each framework does best. For example, Django is good for data processing applications because of the data science support within the Python programming language. In addition, we will go over resources for learning how to build applications in the aforementioned frameworks and learning the programming language that framework uses. No prior programming experience will be required to understand this talk, rather it will serve as a good introduction for someone looking to start to coding or has an idea for an application who does not know where to start.

Alison Spittel