Playing Nicely in the Digital Sandbox

In Product Development / Scrum (Track) by Estela Rueda

Strategists, designers, engineers—oh my! Not to mention product managers and clients. So many people. So many roles.

Let’s get real. Teams are messy. Collaborating with your colleagues can be frustrating but the work has to get done. The product needs to ship. How do you go from storming to performing?

Join Kristian Tran and Rica Rosario for a workshop on playing nicely in the digital sandbox. Get ready for some real talk on what life is like on a product delivery team—the good, the bad and the ugly—and then work on ways to improve your skills and environment.

We’ll cover:

  • Building Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in Tech
  • Developing Empathy for Different Crafts
  • Analyzing Team Dynamics & Motivations
  • Improving Leadership & Management Skills
  • Practicing Communication & Negotiations Skills

Rica Rosario & Kristian Tran