The Ultimate Guide to Persona-driven Personalization

In Digital Strategy (Track) by Estela Rueda

It’s all about customer experience in 2017. Whether you’re a big brand or a tiny team, the best way to enhance your customers’ online experience is through persona-based personalization!

Using email and website personalization, you can deliver a hyper-relevant online experience to every customer. In this session, we’ll talk through how to develop personas, identify actionable behaviors of your personas, create content tailored to each persona, and use email and website personalization together to make every customers’ experience unique and memorable.

We’ll show real-life examples to help marketers at every level (beginner to expert) implement effective web personalization. We’ll also divulge personalization tips from our Persona Guide Innovation Project.

Attendees will:
1. Learn how to identify and create personas (without getting overwhelmed!)
2. Learn how to target personas with specific, personalized email and website messages
3. Discover how to tailor content to each persona
4. Get real-life execution ideas (from simple to sophisticated)

Bonus: We’ll throw in a FREE persona worksheet.

Anna Pleshakova & Emilyann Key