There’s No Such Thing as Scope Creep

In Product Development / Scrum (Track) by Estela Rueda

In the agile software development world, “scope creep” is something development teams are taught to avoid at all costs. It’s a frequent source of friction between technical teams and their stakeholders, and it can lead to a toxic environment when the balance swings too wildly in one direction or another.

But what if I told you that there’s actually no such thing as scope creep? What if I told you that what we know as “scope creep” is actually the main reason agile software development came into existence in the first place – so that teams could adequately deal with the kind of rapidly changing environments, opinions, and learnings that are vital to build successful software products in this day and age.

That’s what I’ll make the case for in this talk, which is titled ‘There’s No Such Thing as Scope Creep.’ I’ll give audience members tips on how to manage an environment in which requirements are ever-changing, strategies for discerning true hair-on-fire needs from nice-to-have-someday asks, and recommendations for how to handle change requests of all stripes.

The talk will be based on an article that I co-wrote with 3Pillar’s Jeff Nielsen that was published on Mind the Product in December 2016:

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