Friday September 15 – Schedule

How to Create User-Focused Content Carrie Hane Digital Strategy Room A
Paper Prototyping and User Research JZ Design Room B
SharePoint Basics Amie Seisay CRM Room C
Getting Started with the Basics of JavaScript Jessica Bell App Development Room D
How to Create User-Focused Content.. continue Carrie Hane Digital Strategy Room A
Coding for Accessibility and 508-Compliance Nina Amato App Development Room B
Getting Started with the Basics of JavaScript…continue Jessica Bell App Development Room D

Saturday September 16 – schedule

Getting Started with Web Application Frameworks Alison Spittel App Development Room A
The Ultimate Guide to Persona-driven Personalization Anna Pleshakova Digital Strategy Room B
Creating Sustainable & Authentic Brand Through Story-Telling, Technology, & Design Aliza Epstein Design Room C
Ever Wonder Why Your Projects Aren’t Completed the Way You Wanted Them to Be? Emilia Kubo Kirschenbaum Product Development/Scrum Room D
Digital Security is for Everyone Shannon Stone Cyber Security Room E
Research, Listen, Write: User-centered Storytelling Techniques Catherine Krikstan Digital Strategy Room F
User Testing on a Bare Bones Budget Katelyn Caillouet Design Room G
20 Ways to Promote Your Business – Even Without a PR Budget Robin Samora Digital Strategy Room H
When to Use D3 Over Other Data Viz Options Mollie Petit Data Room A
Putting it all together: Combining CSS Tools and Methodologies Isatu Conteh App Deveopment Room B
Narrowcasting: What Digital Marketers Need to Know Emily Zeigenfuse Digital Strategy Room C
Achieve Near-Instantaneous Content Load with Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Ksenia Coulter App Development Room D
There’s No Such Thing as Scope Creep Jessica Hall Product Development/Scrum Room E
How to Create a Digital Marketing Strategy Like a Googler Liz Elfman Digital Strategy Room F
The Design Thinking Mindset Claire Brawdy & Mary Little Design Room G
A Deep Dive into the In’s and Out’s of Accessibility Lindsey Kopacz & Lindsey Dragun App Development Room A
Build a Serverless Chat Bot! Johnny Boursiquot App Development Room B
Beauty and Engagement: Embracing the Power of Email Campaigns Kathy Gambrell Digital Strategy Room C
Playing Nicely in the Digital Sandbox Rica Rosario & Kristian Tran Product Development/Scrum Room D
Slay the Gram Portia Obeng Digital Strategy Room E
User Experience vs. Customer Experience — and Why the Difference Matters Regine Gilbert Design Room F
Five Must-Do’s For Real Insights From Your Digital Data Emily Patterson Data Room G