Code(Her) Conference Speaker FAQ’S

Will the session be recorded?

DCWW is not able to provide recording services during the conference. If you would like to make your own arrangements to have your session recorded, this is generally accommodated but please coordinate with a conference planner so that she is aware of your arrangements.

Can I sell in the session?

DCWW will allow sales if you either offer a free version of your product/service that will be raffled off to an attendee, or offer a discount on the purchase price to attendees. DCWW will not conduct transactions on behalf of the speaker for any product or service.

How long should my presentation be and in what format?

General sessions must follow a 50% lecture, 50% hands-on format and should be 2 hours in length. Keynote presentations may be panel-based discussions; however, this should be discussed with a conference planner in advance. Please also allocate time for a five-to-ten minute break during your presentation and a brief “meet and greet” with attendees afterward.

Will attendees have access to the Internet during my presentation and can I share URLs or make my materials available for download.

Yes, WiFi will be available throughout the day. If your session requires attendees have a specific piece of software or other large download, please give this information to a conference planner to include in pre-conference communication and on the website ahead of time.

What A/V equipment will be set up for my session?

You must provide your own laptop, charging, and/or other hardware accessories unless communicated to you by a conference planner. Your presentation space will have a projector/monitor and, in some cases, a microphone.

Can I distribute my slides to attendees of my session?

DCWW will collect all presentation slides and distribute them to attendees of the conference on your behalf.

Are speakers given attendee contact information?

It is DCWW’s policy not to share attendee info with speakers. If you would like to directly contact attendees of your session post-event, you’re more than welcome to ask them to fill out a sign-up sheet with their email with the understanding they don’t have to if they don’t want to.

Can I bring a guest/helper/client/significant other/kid, etc. to my session?

One guest may be invited to each session to help presenters; however, they must register with a unique promo code to be admitted into the building. Please contact a conference planner for more information. Please note: no children under the age of 12 are permitted in the building.

How many attendees can I expect in my session?

We generally guestimate that there will be 5-20 attendees in general sessions depending on the subject.

What’s the best way to promote my speaking appearance?

Please promote using Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, your blog, your company’s in-house list, the Yahoo groups you belong to, etc. Here is a consolidated list of hashtags and Twitter handles for reference.





What time is my session? When do I need to arrive at the event?

For the most up-to-date session schedule, visit We prefer that speakers spend the majority of the day at the conference to contribute to a dynamic event; however, we understand this isn’t always possible. At a minimum, speakers should arrive no later than 45 minutes prior to their session to check in and set up.

Do you have examples of past presentations that I can review?

Several presentations from past Code(Her) workshops can be viewed at and We also recommend that you check out last year’s Twitter activity at
Note: For our all-day Friday presenters, unfortunately, we do not have examples from previous years as this is the first year we are offering all day sessions.

Speaker “Do”s

DCWW truly appreciates your taking the time to share your expertise with our members. To ensure a successful event and positive experience we ask you if you could follow the suggestions below.

Speaker “Don’t”s

  • DO NOT Arrive late to your own event;
  • DO NOT Bring guests without approval of the event organizer in advance (this includes significant others, colleagues, clients, children, etc.);
  • DO NOT Add a last minute co-speaker to help you with your presentation;
  • DO NOT Offer a discounted or free product/service to someone during the event unless the offer is made available to all attendees.